Business Automation Services

All of our services are intended to provide efficiency, accuracy and significant time savings. This will enable business owners, managers, analysts, and other employees, to focus on value-add activities, rather than performing hours of manual tasks.

Our company has the expertise to truly create end-to-end automation solutions. Imagine this scenario:

  • Preparing data in spreadsheets, using Excel automation
  • Using that data in multiple applications, using Robotic Process Automation
  • Finalization of reporting or analysis in spreadsheets, using Excel automation again.
  • Every step of the process is performed using a dashboard in Excel, including the on-demand execution of the RPA robot.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is used to automate the manual processes of any software application. Software has been developed to allow users to connect to any application and work with that application by receiving output and entering input to/from that application. RPA can integrate the use of multiple applications in the same automation.

Excel Automation

Excel dashboards can be built to set up automation workflows for entire business processes. Excel can set up data, from multiple sources, to be used in subsequent processes. If the use of the data is only in Excel, we can build complete automations and advanced use of data and formulas to perform all the reporting and analysis in seconds.

Excel can also be set up to perform API calls on RPA software to execute unattended robot jobs on demand. This can help reduce the need for any licensing costs to set up attended robots, which may not be necessary.

Other Services

Microsoft SQL

We have built customized databases in SQL Server and Azure SQL Server. We can also build stored procedures to transform your data, which can then be used by Excel automation or RPA automation.

Data Conversion

Workday – We have built automated Excel templates for the conversion of data into Workday related to General Ledger and Human Resources / Payroll. We make the long and tedious process of data conversion automated, efficient and extremely successful! The same can be said for any ERP system. Data conversion is one of our specialties, and we are accurate and fast.  If we need to use SQL, we can. Otherwise, Excel automation is usually sufficient and can be completely customized to fit any data conversion situation.

Microsoft Power BI & Other Business Intelligence Tools

We can integrate automation of Excel and SQL to work with your Business Intelligence reporting.  We have experience with Power BI, Tableau and other business intelligence applications.

Microsoft PowerPoint

We can automate PowerPoint also! Imagine not having to manually update a monthly deck with new data.  We can integrate automation of PowerPoint with Excel. Imagine creating a 250-slide deck, complete with charts and data analysis, in less than two minutes.