About Accelerated Business Solutions

Accelerated Business Solutions, Inc. provides business process automation services, including Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Excel/Microsoft Office automation. We allow businesses to significantly speed up manual business processes and decision making without changing the processes at their root. Rather, we take your existing processes and make them faster – and eliminate the chance for error – through sophisticated automation.  We boast years of business and technical knowledge, allowing effective communication with executives and managers of accounting, operations and information systems.

ABS specializes in combining automation processes, using RPA and Excel automation, to provide true end-to-end automation solutions.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to help businesses, all over the world, no matter what industry they are in, to perform business processes more efficiently, leading to significant accuracy improvements, time savings and cost savings, allowing employees to perform value-add activities.

About David Farley

David Farley is the CEO of Accelerated Business Solutions, Inc. He has been providing business process automation services since 1997. He has extensive experience automating accounting processes, and other operational processes, using RPA software and Microsoft Excel (Visual Basic). He has helped numerous companies throughout the United States, including the federal government, to create customized solutions which have improved accuracy and saved millions of dollars. His hybrid knowledge of business and information systems is hard to find and enables him to understand projects and needs very quickly.

Easy to Work With

Our work may be complex, but working with us is not! David has decades of experience communicating with enterprise business owners, CEOs, executives and teams at every level of IT savviness. We’re confident we can help bridge the common communication gap between business employees and IT employees, and vice versa.

Our service approach not only includes automation, but also a strong desire to educate those we work with. We are eager to share our knowledge with your team and to help empower them to use UiPath, Excel, and other software programs with better efficiency.

Give Us a Try

If you have employees, or in our observation, MBAs, who take hours to work with data and come up with solutions, ABS is for you. We have literally built automation solutions that have reduced a process that took two MBAs a week to create (100-140 man hours) down to less than a minute. You will not believe what is possible until you see it for yourself.

Please request us to contact you today!  We will never charge you for exploratory conversations on how you can improve any business processes. Please request contact today!